Cycle mapping and sex education

Teens and adults need better sex education. I often talk to women who are confused about their menstrual cycles and how to track them. This of course is no fault of their own. As teens we rely on our teachers or parents to teach us about these things and if these “teachers” don’t know or share this information how would we ever learn? I completely understand this confusion as well because I was once there. I feel that this education barely scratches the surface of what we really need to be teaching teens about. Maybe that’s the teacher’s fault or maybe the fault lies with parents who are also not teaching kids about how their bodies work. Maybe it’s both. I think that as women we should be empowering the younger generation to get in touch with our bodies, to not be ashamed about bleeding monthly and not be scared to talk about it. I want to teach young female teens and women about their monthly cycles so I’m offering a 30-minute Cycle Mapping 101 or a more in depth 60-minute Cycle Mapping 2.0 class to learn about the female hormones and how to track your cycles. Right now, with so many going online it has never been a better time than to talk with a licensed health care professional about hormonal health and how you can help yourself! Click the Book Online link to schedule a time to meet with me and find out more ways I can help you!

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