Fertility Warrior Workshop

Optimize your fertility and begin your journey today!

Welcome to the Fertility Warrior Workshop! This is an all-in-one class to prepare you for a healthy pregnancy. 

This course focuses on optimizing your health and fertility. This self-driven style class is comprised of modules to prepare your body for pregnancy. You will focus on: 

  • Understanding your hormones

  • Cycle mapping and tracking

  • Interpreting Lab Testing

  • Emotions and Fertility

  • Gut Health and Fertility

  • Learn about Healthy Diet and Detox

  • Specific Targeted Supplementation and Foundational Products

  • Includes a Fertility Warrior Diet Guide and Detox Guide

This is the perfect class for those wanting to understand their hormones, get to know their fertile window, optimize their nutrient status, and prepare their body for a healthy pregnancy. 

**Receive 10% off the Fertility Warrior Program for taking this workshop! (must email me prior to signing up for the program to receive discount)

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